J Agency works closely to its clients in their events organization, especially for Awards Ceremony which are our core business.
We helped MSc & MBA INSEEC Paris for the third time into their Graduation Ceremony, this year based at le Grand Rex in Paris, on 31st March 2017. Nearly 1500 students were present, with their friends and families, to receive their diploma.

First, preparing the website

We developed a dedicated website for the event, to announce every details and also to provide afterwards pictures and videos, in order to bring great souvenirs to the students.

Then, the videos to display on Grand Rex Big Screen

We prepared in advance many videos to display on the cinema big screen, in order to launch the Ceremony and help the student public to visualize the people names climbing on stage. We also worked amongst technical participants to handle lights, cameras, videos projections and soundtracks.

We brought to INSEEC a full all-in-one package including technical management at le Grand Rex Paris, a website, photograph and cameramen, video editing, feedback survey a logo dedicated for the event, many visuals and communication tools and social network content.


Create a special brand for the event

By adding to the event a dedicated guideline with a logo, colors, visuals, we managed to give more visibility to the event. INSEEC students are international and from various countries in the world, which leads to the need of bringing a unique and simple way to communicate in order not to waste time and money.
That is what we have done, with success, getting a rank of up to 90% satisfaction from the students and families.

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