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Las Termales Aguas Calientes

J Agency has had the chance to develop a full thermal brand in Colombia. Objective was to define the visual guidelines, such as the logo, the colors, its adaptation for any commercial purpose. We also created the responsive website and managed to work on many on-site projects: products packaging, flyers, posters, the general map of the place, photography sessions etc.

From nothing to a full brand

Logo has been designed based on the thermal water specificities. Health is associated to a medical purpose and since the Termales Aguas Calientes are at first, a place to regenerate his body and soul, the blue color has been elected to deserve the logo.

A commercial use

Las Termales Aguas Calientes in Meta, Colombia, elected J Agency to design their water spring bottle packaging.

The water is full thermal benefits and brings to the organism specific minerals, unique from these amazing lands of Colombia. Combining health and natural consumption, the bottle design is a great match of what Colombia represents in its pure beauty.

Bottle Packaging

And a website to communicate

J Agency created the website back in 2014 and delivered a full communication pack with a Facebook Page, Twitter Page and a Google Page.
Plus working on Wikipedia articles, local partners advertising, Tripadvisor content and so much more.

The website is proposed with a back office, containing a booking manager to help the local administration with the incoming customers who can book their path to Las Termales Aguas Calientes months in advance. Client audience has since raised up about 50%.

Do not hesitate to give a look to the website and visit in Colombia Las Termales Aguas Calientes.

Las Termales Aguas Calientes website

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