Graphic Design


Breaz is a French air, cooling, laboratory specialized company working amongst the greatest (L’Oréal Paris). They have chosen J Agency in order to provide them a dedicated website online, with a fully graphic guide creation such as their logo, their brand color and all that goes with it: print files, professional visit cards etc.

About creation of a logo

Breaz logo is based on the idea of an environmental respectful company, working with the latest green and ecologic certifications.
J Agency decided to illustrate a city in the background, slightly visible, covered by the company's name. The logo reflects his name, displaying a leaf attached to the "E" letter, which would soon be the main letter, center of attention and used on Facebook account, website and visit cards.

Define the spirit of the website

Building the Breaz website has been a challenge thinking how to decline the ecological responsibility combined to the technical engineering environment the company expresses.

J Agency used the green and the leaf as the main guideline for the website. And the client was happy.

Extra print work

J Agency has also been contacted by Breaz to produce their professional visit card and, more importantly, their commercial flyer and sales brochure.

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